Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should a bride look for in a bridal shop?

A: Brides should look for a reputable bridal shop which offers a large selection of gowns, complete services such as alterations and one stop shopping-- for veils, shoes, and accessories. You may also want to ask friends for recommendations.



Q: What are the pros and cons of buying in a bridal shop vs. having a gown made or buying online?

A: Knowledgeable staff and bridal consultant to guide you and answer all your questions and a guaranteed product. 

Lots of people have trouble when they buy online. Fabrics are cheaper, stitching is uneven and overall the results can be very poor. Whilst having a copy made will be cheaper, you run a  huge risk that the dress will be unwearable therefore not cheaper in the long run!



Q: Do we charge for appointments?

While many other bridal stores do charge Memories does not and we believe in providing the same level of service to each and every customer regardless of their budget.



Q: Can I bring my children with me?

A: Where possible we advise that a bridal store is not a fun place for children. There are lots of delicate fabrics and items on display. Your appointment is an hour long and it's best to spend that hour concentrating on yourself.



Q: What are the latest trends in bridal fashion?

1) Crepe gowns
2) The full skirt
3) Vintage styles particularly 20's & 30's era
Classic and simple lines
5) Backless dresses
6) Long sleeves.
7) Colour and floral motifs.




Q: What physical considerations should brides keep in mind, in terms of their weight, etc.?

A: If you intend to lose weight before the wedding, set realistic goals and organize a healthy diet plan combining diet and exercise.



Q: How many times will a bride have to return to a boutique for fittings, etc.?

A: Depending how much work needs to be done, at least 2-4 fittings.



Q: Do I pay for alterations? 

A: Yes. Most brides need to slightly alter their dresses and these alterations are charged seperately by the seamstress.