Veil in store or a veil online?

I have noticed alot more people of late, suggesting purchasing a veil from online retailers such as Wish and Aliexpress. A veil that costs 6euros online - as opposed to one in store that can often cost hundreds? seems easy to be tempted right?

But ….. take a moment to think first.

That 6e veil is being made by very low paid workers in a sweat shop environment - most likely in the far east. It is being made using very cheap materials and more often than not will not look one bit like the picture advertised online. That’s why it so so cheap guys. The old saying - you get what you pay for.

The veils in our store - cost a whole lot more than that but … they are handmade in Cork by a local artisan, they meet EU fabrication regulations and they are made with love and care and attention to detail by a person who is being paid a proper wag, who pays their taxes here and all in all contributes to your local economy.

Ask yourself - is the 6e veil really worth the guilt or should you shop local?


2019 .... its all about the trends baby

So what are we expecting to be big this season -

First up - Bows, Bows, Big, Beautiful Bows …. girlyness and femininity and sure why not

The big bow or pussy bow as its called in fashion circles is a look for this year - wear it on the waist - wear it at the neck or down your back - but do wear it ….. because fashion says it is so

Winter is coming - its wrap up warm time.

I often find that at different times of the year - brides to be - will want to look at different types of gowns. Winter is upon us and this usually means more covered necklines, sleeves, heavier fabrics and often a bit more bling.

Ever since Megan Markle dazzled the world in her timelessly simple bridal gown - the bateau neckline with a full sleeve has become more and more popular. As the weather gets colder we see this even more.

Our Cabotine Novias collection has a number of gowns that tick all the winter bridal boxes.

Of course as I always tell my clients - there are no rules and if you wanna wear a summer style gown at your winter wedding then why the hell not !!!


The end of season - start of season .... what to do, what to do?

As stylists we always found that July was the quietest month of the year for us - August to November the busiest. New collections for forthcoming seasons arrive in store and those brides to be who have been waiting on them - start to make appointments.

At Memories we have never had a busier summer - proving there ain't never a wrong time to chose your dream gown xx

The Markle Effect

Megan Markle and Prince Harry - tied the knot ( if you have been living under a rock - apologies for the spoiler )

The reaction to Megans bridal gown has been interesting - very chic, very simple, too simple? To my eye she looked stunning. The dress looked a tiny bit too big but I dare say - just like many other a bride to be - pre wedding nerves may have led to a touch of weight loss the week before the wedding.

Her second gown was very much a hit - with many people in her inner circle commenting that it was "very her". It was very stylish and elegant and that's for sure.

Usually when a wedding so built up by the media, happens - the impact on fhe bridal world is instant. Designers offer replica styles that reference the brides gown and our clients often want to try styles very similar to what she wore - this year though was different. Yes the Markle Gowns styles were created by our designers but in truth - Megans look was already available on the market as a current trend. Have a look at our Cabotine Metz and our Cabotine Begur and Amiens dresses to see what I mean.

Perhaps our bridal designers were onto something special when they created these looks and maybe Megan had a sneaky peak at our website before deciding on her own gown ;)

A toast to the happy couple and her beautiful gowns.

There is a princess in all of us 

Tick Tick Tick - Timelines

So you got engaged, you set your date and you made your crazy long list of things that you need to do. Venue, entertainment, celebrant and DRESS. These are the big 4. Get these booked in and you can breathe! People are always shocked at how long it can take for a dress to arrive. Anything from 4-8 months is fairly standard. And that’s once you’ve chosen your dress. Some brides take 6 months to find the one they actually want to wear! Once your dress arrives into the store you then need to have fittings with your seamstress to make it fit perfectly. That can take another 4-6 weeks.

So I would suggest the first thing to think about after you set your date is - what is my budget? Be realistic about what you want to spend on your dress, but also about what dresses cost. If you’re looking at Pinterest or Instagram bear in mind that those dresses are probably way more than you think they are. So set a realistic budget then come in to the store and let the experts guide you. You might be surprised at what you like! Most brides buy their wedding dress about 12 months before the big day.

We do have lots of options available if you don't have that much time. You can purchase an off the rail dress or most designers have a rush service available for an added fee. Best thing to do is just give us a call or send us an email/message and we'll go through all the options with you. The quickest we ever had was a bride who bought her dress on a Friday and got married in it the very next day! So anything can be achieved!!!!

Bring on the summer ...... pretty please !

I think we have all had enough of the dull and cold weather - Spring has sprung .... apparently anyway. Finding inspiration for your summer wedding can often be tough when the days are short and it's always raining ... Our Instagram pages are brimming with ideas, bridal gown inspiration and just all sorts of gorgeousness - follow us and find your inspiration

High neck or no High Neck

The boat/bateau neck wedding dress has been a huge look over the last couple of years. It’s a little sexy but also totally demure. We’ve seen this look come and go in many different ways and I think most brides like it. We can add it into any strapless dress by putting an illusion bolero over the top. I like that way of doing it as the bride can of course take it off later and she has two different looks across the day. I think this is a bridal trend that isn’t going anywhere for a long time! And we love it so that makes us happy!

Pockets, Pockets and more Pockets!

Yes we are all about the pocket here at Memories Bridal Boutique. I do caution against putting anything in them however other than your hands. The point of the pocket is the potential to put something in them – but don’t actually do it!

The Metz from Cabotine is the perfect pocketed dress………. It’s the perfect dress in many ways!

Wedding Dress Fears

This is my first blog post here and I was wracking my brains about what I should say. Then it came to me last night in bed – just tell the truth! Wedding dress shopping can be totally terrifying for brides! It always amazes me how many brides walk through the door and tell me they are dreading this, or they haven’t slept with worry or wish they didn’t have to do this etc. It actually makes me kind of sad to think that they were so worried. By the end of the appointment they have usually cheered up! We work very hard here to make sure that our brides have a lot of fun. We want the experience to be an enjoyable one. Even if you don’t find the perfect dress on that day we want you to be able to say ok that was fun. I am looking forward to coming back.

I guess the only thing I can say to you if you’re worried is, this is your wedding dress. You will love wearing it. You will wish you could wear it again and again and again once your day is over. You’ll smile every time you think about it. Now let’s go find it!

Before and After

It has been a hectic few weeks guys - we decided to pack up and move from our Temple Bar studios to a bigger shop in Lucan Village - basically we needed room for a second viewing area due to demand. 

You know that saying ... I have pain in muscles I didn't even know I had .... well its all true. 600 gowns moved, rehung and labelled, Shop made over, redecorated and made fabulous .... naturally, New sign above the door - went up yesterday and we are back open ..... as if nothing happened ..... this Friday 31st of March.


See you there - 5 Main Street, Lucan Village

Irelands largest ever Modeca Trunk show - hits our Cork store 24th and 25th

So after the massive success of our Trunk event in Dublin - We are delighted to announce that our Cork store will be hosting Modeca 2016 and 2017 .

Don't miss out on your only chance to see some of these gorgeous gowns before September 2017 and avail of one off discounts - not to mention all the gorgeousness.

Check our our facebook event here and remember guys this is an appointment only event.

That's all for now xx

Choosing gowns for our collections is soooooo much fun

Ok so .... one of the advantages of having a Trunk Show or Trunk Event - you get to see all the gowns from both a specific designers', current and upcoming collections.

More importantly you get to see them in context with each other and with your other collections. You get a feel for how the story of your bridal collection will read to our brides-to-be and what works in that context and of course what doesn't.

It's one of the reasons our collections work so well for our brides - and they keep telling us our gowns are completely different to other stores - not in a crazy way but in a way that just raises the bar a bit.

Modeca Trunk show last weekend - we got to choose the beauties that will now join our collection over the coming months. Keep and eye on our catalogue pages to see them pop up but suffice to say the Tara and the Tabatha are on the list .... and they are just beautiful.


Karl x

Big news coming

Exciting things happening at our Dublin store over the next two weeks .... hush hush and all that but one thing we can say ...... Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta will be arriving .... release the boho bride and check out these gorgeous, ethereal gowns, perfect for the bride who wants something different.

As for the other bits ..... KEEP WATCHIN' THIS SPACE ;)

Karl x

Before and After

Spent the day in Dublin on Monday working on a new project ..... let's just say - watch this space but exciting plans are afoot for fabulousness.

Cant wait to show you the before and after shots.

Karl x


Gearing up for Modeca Trunk Show

Super excited to have our first Modeca Trunk show this coming weekend in our Dublin store. Over 40 Modeca 2016 and 2017 gowns will be in store for this weekend, to try and to order at one off discounted prices.

Bring it on!

Follow the event on facebook here.

Ciao for now

Karl x


I am actually .... starting to blog

Well team ..... having a blog page means best actually start blogging right :)

What news - lets fill you in in bits and pieces over the next while, but 2017 is gonna be our best year yet.

I have finally figured out how to edit our website so I am  at that properly now - keep on top of it ! 

Yes mom.

More to come .....


Website Live

Hurray! Our new website is live! And isn't it gorgeous. Sleek, slinky, clean, sexy, stylish, classy. Those are just some of the words we can use to describe our dresses, and the new site ain't bad either. Tell us what you think and Contact us today for an appointment at one of our two stores, Cork and Dublin,

New Website Almost Ready!!!!

We at Memories are really excited about launching our new website. We believe our new site represents our style and ethos. Clean, uncomplicated and gorgeous. The site is almost finished but we may just launch anyway. Who can contain themselves when you look this good!

Memories... Where yours will last a lifetime.