Veil in store or a veil online?

I have noticed alot more people of late, suggesting purchasing a veil from online retailers such as Wish and Aliexpress. A veil that costs 6euros online - as opposed to one in store that can often cost hundreds? seems easy to be tempted right?

But ….. take a moment to think first.

That 6e veil is being made by very low paid workers in a sweat shop environment - most likely in the far east. It is being made using very cheap materials and more often than not will not look one bit like the picture advertised online. That’s why it so so cheap guys. The old saying - you get what you pay for.

The veils in our store - cost a whole lot more than that but … they are handmade in Cork by a local artisan, they meet EU fabrication regulations and they are made with love and care and attention to detail by a person who is being paid a proper wag, who pays their taxes here and all in all contributes to your local economy.

Ask yourself - is the 6e veil really worth the guilt or should you shop local?